How to Deploy a project on BLX Main Network

These are the steps on how to deploy a smart contract / project within BlocX mainnet:


  1. Buy $BLX (bep20) on your choice of platform

  2. Add BLX Mainnet RPC to your wallet of choice (link) or via ChainList

  3. Bridge your $BLX from Binance Smart Chain towards our Main network (link)

  4. Make sure your wallet is connected to BlocX Main Network

  5. Create & Deploy your smart contract (Must be .sol)

  6. Once your smart contract has been deployed, To add liquidity towards your project head to our DEX

  7. You can choose to lock your liquidity on our Token Locker choose your choice of timeframe

  8. Congratulation ! You have successfully deploy a project on BlocX Main Network

Or you can deploy a smart contract using our Token Generator or Via our LaunchPAD

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