XLOT is a decentralized gambling dApp on the BlocX main network.

XLOT features :

  1. Decentralization: The dApp operates on the blockchain, ensuring transparency, fairness, and trust for users.

  2. Slot Gaming: Users can play slot game within the dApp.

  3. Token Utilization: BLX currency is used for placing bets & spinning the slots.

  4. Security and Trust: smart contract technology ensures a high level of security, protecting user funds and data.

  5. Rewards:

  • 3 A's provides winners with a x5 of their bet

  • 3 B's provides winners with a x4 of their bet

  • 3 C's provides winners with a x3 of their bet

  • 3 D's provides winners with a x2 of their bet

  • All rewards are provided in the BLX currency


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