Running Nodes

Setting up a node

  1. Head to BlocX's Official Github

  2. Copy source form node-example to root folder

cp -r BlocX-Network/blx-node/BLX  /root/
  1. Create your own account

cd /root/BLX
chmod +x openethereum
./openethereum account new --config nodes/validator/node.toml
  1. You will get a returned answer. Example : address 0x9dACbC430f0b7e4b5078cdb583b4ec6175b004Fc

  2. Copy the result that you received, which is your account address to the node.toml file.

//insert your account address

unlock = ["insert your account address"]
password = ["password"]

force_sealing = true
engine_signer = "insert your account address"
reseal_on_txs = "none"
  1. Run the authority nodes

./openethereum --config ./nodes/validator/node.toml
  1. Stake

    BlocX Mainnet is using a Proof of Stake consensus protocol. This means you will have to stake your BLX Coins. First step to stake : Send your BLX coins to the BlocX Mainnet Consensus contract address from the validator address.

The BlocX Consensus contract address:


The best way to conduct this is to import your private key JSON file (UTC-xxx) or key-store file to your preferred wallet (for example Metamask) Change the network to BLX Mainnet by connecting to our RPC Network Found here :

Once connected send the BLX coin to the Consensus contract address.

You can find your key-store (containing your private key) and the password for the account that was created in step 4 above.



  1. There will be a 24 - 48 hour wait as Next Cycle will start to conduct.

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